Music Videos

Most acts can’t afford a music video, or lack the experience and expertise required to produce one themselves. At Studio Projects, we offer young and emerging bands the opportunity to establish a YouTube presence with high quality videos at a very low budget. We collaborate with you and develop your ideas, then turn them into reality.

The Equipment

  • Nikon D610 full frame DSLR
  • AF-S NIKKOR 50mm lens – for depth of field (blurred background)
  • AF NIKKOR 18-35mm lens – for wide angle
  • AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm lens – for wider shots in lower light
  • AF NIKKOR 70-300mm lens – for distance shots
  • Manfrotto tripod with fluid head
  • Beholder EC-1 Gimbal
  • Dolly and 4m track

The Process

For the low price of $750.00, we offer the following TEN HOUR process:

  • 1 HOUR | Initial Meeting – we meet with you and discuss your concepts for your music video and whether they are possible within the constraints of the ten hours allotted to the project.
  • 4 HOURS | Shoot Footage – we meet on location, set up the camera and light and shoot the footage of the act. replay is provided with either a PA or IEMs (included in the price), depending upon whether it is an emulated musical performance, or a conceptual idea that involves the use of actors (generally unpaid friends) or props.
  • 3 HOURS | Edit Footage – We edit the footage in our small edit suite – one member of the act is welcome to join in, unfortunately the space is very confined (7 sq. m), so we physically can’t fit any more!
  • 1 HOUR | Grade Footage – Colour grading and general tweaks to create additional mood through the use of colour.
  • 1 HOUR | Output to YouTube format – the final step in the process, we export the finished video to H264 and upload it to your YouTube account!


The brief for this video was a Tinder date gone horribly wrong. Elaskia recorded this demo in the Studio Projects studio, then we shot the video under the singer’s parent’s house in Avoca on the NSW Central Coast, in an under construction area of their renovation. The Tinder “date” was brilliantly played by Nick, a friend of the band and the torturers were the guitarist and percussionist respectively. Unfortunately the singer’s parents thought that the clip was far too dark and it was never used.


Marc Scully, AKA Omegaman, is an old friend from my days in Sydney – he was the bass player of The Deadly Hume and I was the house engineer at the Sydney Trade Union Club. We reacquainted on Facebook years later and I offered to help him out with a music video, which we shot on aNikon D3200 DX camera in a nightclub in Surry Hills, Sydney. Marc re-edited the raw footage with Peter Metro, so this is my unreleased edit of the clip. Tragically, the singer and washboard player passed away soon after we shot the video.


The boys were so happy with our first effort that they decided to shoot another video with, this time at a well known BJJ and MMA gym in Newcastle NSW. This time we used a few more props, a Shure 535 blues mic suspended from a microphone lead, a smoke machine, a couple of pro MMA fighters, a bunch of the band’s friends and some weird little kids who looked like they’d just escaped from reform school! It just goes to show what you can achieve on a shoestring budget with a couple of ideas.


My first ever attempt at shooting a music video after I was bitten by the bug and had learned how to operate my entry level Nikon D3200. Jason and the boys had the concept of shooting in an abandoned house in Gosford NSW, so we borrowed some lights and a weird little German guy to operate them and found this asbestos laden treat. After a few beers, the band swung into overdrive and we shot the video in a couple of hours, fully expecting the police to arrive and shut us down any minute!

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