Recording Studio

Coastal Audio offers a broadcast quality recording studio located in Oxenford. We can even record a live gig, or even come to your rehearsal studio or any location that you choose. Excellent monitoring and separation are achieved with the reduced stage volume from using IEMs (in-ear monitoring systems). Perfect for bands, school musicals, conferences and a variety of applications.


Our studio is state of the art with excellent valve channels strips for overdubbing vocals and instruments, an Avid Eleven amp modeller and a large library of excellent Universal Audio plugins for our UAD2 Satellite Quad. Control surface is a Mackie MCU with expander and I/O is provided by an RME UFX and a Yamaha O1V96 with light-pipe. Monitoring is Dynaudio BM5a’s


Past recordings include Debris, Liton Sheikh, Yolanda and The Stolen Boys, Hubris and The Shivers. Prices start at $300.00, please ring Andy Taylor on 0424 656 973 for more details, or fill out our Contact Form and he will get back to you.

  • 1 x Mac Pro i9 10900T
  • 3 x Acer 24′ 75Hz Monitors
  • 2 x Dynaudio BM5A
  • 1 x UAD2 Satellite Quad
  • 1 x RME Fireface UFX Interface
  • 1 x Tascam SS-CDR1
  • 1 x Avid Eleven Amp Modeller
  • 1 x Alesis Midiverb 3 Multi FX
  • 1 x Universal Audio LA 610 Valve Channel Strip
  • 1 x TL Ivory 5051 Valve Channel Strip
  • 1x Joe Meek VC1QS Mosfet Channel Strip
  • 1 x Mackie MCU Control Surface
  • 1 x Mackie MCU Extender
  • 1x Native Instruments Maschine MkII
  • 1 x Native Instruments Komplete S49 Keyboard
  • 1 x Rode K2 Valve Microphone
  • 1 x Fender Custom Telecaster
  • 1 x Fender 62 Re-issue Stratocaster
  • 1 x PRS CE24 Custom
  • 1 x Edwards Potbelly
  • 1 x Epiphone PR5E Acoustic
  • 1 x Ibanez SDGR Bass
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